City Grown: Container Gardening with Vegetables

Creating your own urban minigarden is easy, and delicious! With three simple items (containers, soil, and seeds) you can enjoy a variety of herbs and vegetables even if you don’t have a yard.

Strawberries and potted herbs make a cheery minigarden!

Start your own vegetable container garden with these easy steps!

An old bookshelf and empty nursery pots (from houseplant purchases) are perfect for starting a small space container garden.

These strawberries are popping up again from last season. The smaller pots will hold herbs that love sun, and help protect the berries from pests!

When selecting a container, be sure it is the correct size for the vegetable being planted. Seed packets will indicate the space needed by an individual plant.

Look for seeds that are suited for container growing, these will produce smaller plants with bumper crops, maximizing your growing space.

And always remember, LABEL! An easy and eco-friendly upcycle is to cut milk jugs into plant markers!

Good quality potting soil and compost are vital for container gardens.

Plant vegetable seeds in the appropriately sized container according to planting instructions.

Place your containers in a sunny, protected location. This urban space in Hartford County is using both square foot gardening and container gardening to grow vegetables for a family of 4.

Lots of household items can be upcycled into growing containers, so get creative!

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