About Bazaar Gardening

Bazaar Gardening is the culmination of a lifelong enjoyment of urban gardening and eco-friendly artistic expression. Combining over a decade of experience in community organizing, a meaningful relationship with the local arts community, and the knowledge of a Certified Master Gardener (UConn Class of 2019-Intern), the mission of Bazaar Gardening is to educate the Greater Hartford community about sustainable urban gardening practices.

What is a Master Gardener?
Certified Master Gardeners receive intensive horticultural training to provide their community with education, assistance, and resources to create food gardens and beautify their surroundings with a focus on organic growing, integrated pest management, and supporting vital pollinator populations. To be certified, Master Gardeners complete 100 hours of specialized coursework, 30 hours of supervised office-hours, and 30 hours of community outreach projects.