Our Services

FREE CONSULTATIONS! We are happy to meet with you to answer any questions or discuss any project ideas you envision for your urban space.

Basic gardening services: With a focus on native plants that create urban pollinator landscapes to help support vital species such as Monarch butterflies and native bees, we offer such services as weeding, mulching, design, and planting. – individually priced to your project!

Tree Pruning: Basic pruning of trees up to 15 feet – individually priced to your project.

Small-space food gardening: including consultations, design, and installation to help you learn to grow your own safe, healthy kitchen garden. – individually priced to your project!

Resources for your urban garden: Purchase upcycled garden supplies that help encourage environmental stewardship (and support Bazaar Gardening’s community outreach!)

Upcycling! Learn to do more with less through our creative reuse workshops and online tutorials. Workshops will begin in Fall 2019.

Contact us today to set up your free consultation!